We Are Lava Labs

Architects of Innovative Technology

We Operate On 4 Pillars Of Excellence


We transform ideas and inventions into innovative, industry-specific solutions.


Customized solutions built by our skilled tech experts to help businesses optimise based on industry best practices.


We use cutting-edge cloud computing technology that empowers and adds value to businesses.


Providing top notch knowledge on technology and strategies to help enterprises successfully transform their businesses

A Solution For Every Industry

At Lava Labs we specialise on cloud solutions which are designed for several industries.


Our white label apps, which fall under an umbrella brand called Custella, are built using cutting edge technology combined with deep industrial insights and knowledge that has direct relevance to your business essentials. Learn more about Custella.


We design industry-specific solutions and engineer web & mobile applications using cutting edge technology that caters to businesses and organizations from a variety of industries.

Customers can opt for a pre-built multi tenant app or select modules under Custella where they can customize applications to make it more suited to their brand and business.