store health
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What’s Your Store Health Like?

There is a reason that relying on sales data and demographics alone won’t cut it any more. Modern location data streams provide a clearer, more detailed, and up to date view of the consumer.

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You Can Now Forecast Earthquake Aftershock Locations with AI

A team at Harvard collaborated with machine learning experts at Google to see if they could apply deep learning to explain where earthquake aftershocks might occur. Check out their findings.

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The Google Maps Commute Feature Can Take Your Stress Away!

Why are commutes so stressful? They’re unpredictable and long. 2016 data from TomTom tells us that the commute time in KL can go up to 34 percent longer due to traffic congestion. If you dig deeper…

companies that use geolocation
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3 Companies That Are Using Geolocation To Increase Efficiency and Save $

These are stories from Google Maps customers who are building new businesses or reinventing existing ones using geolocation services and Google Maps APIs.

Distribution Costs
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This Is How You Can Drive Down Distribution Costs

The primary objective is to deliver goods to customers within a certain period of time. When fulfillment centres are overwhelmed, parcel deliveries can be delayed, damaged, returned, or even lost, which can increase costs and decrease customer satisfaction. How do you avoid this?

predicting collisions with GPS data
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Predicting Collisions with GPS Data and Spatial Analysis

With newer sources of data, like GPS data, CARTO had the opportunity to have continuous, accurate information to predict collisions in NYC.

AI for flood forecasting
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Keeping People Safe by Using AI for Flood Forecasting

Flood forecasting can help individuals and authorities better prepare to keep people safe, but accurate forecasting isn’t currently available in many areas.

Market Competition
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You Can Understand Market Competition with Location Intelligence

By Wenfei Xu, Data Scientist, CARTO In today’s competitive market, established grocers are launching or acquiring discount brands to supplement revenue from other brand holdings. For more than 10 years, discount chains have been disrupting the grocery industry encroaching on the market shares of established mainstream grocers. According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), from…

Commercial Impact of Amazon's new HQ
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Measuring the Commercial Impact of Amazon’s New HQ

We don’t yet know where it will end up, but Amazon’s second headquarters in North America, Amazon HQ2, is going to vastly change the physical, societal, and economic landscape of the chosen site.

Impact of AI
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Sundar Pichai Shares About How AI Can Resolve Our Problems

There are very real and important questions being raised about the impact of technology and the role it will play in our lives. We know the path ahead needs to be navigated carefully and deliberately—and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to get this right.