Industry Solutions

Oil & Gas

Fuel Your Everyday Business Tasks Through Cloud Solutions

Solutions which can smoothen the daily task flow of employees within the oil & gas include:

  • Health and safety
  • Cost Estimator
  • Disaster recovery
  • Project management
  • Analytic insights

Real Estate

Increase Efficiency in Selling Properties to Your Clients

Apps are a perfect solution for real estate agencies because they enable them to communicate with clients in increasingly engaging ways with features such as:

  • Location Intelligence
  • Providing property information: list of properties in mapview allowing buyers to locate nearby schools, colleges, hospitals, public transportation facilities and so on.
  • Mortgage calculator


A Happy Shopping Experience

Keep your customers feeling appreciated while making workload easier for your employees with the following features:

  • Loyalty/Rewards system
  • Locate things in the store (in hypermarkets)
  • Inventory management (for store managers/owners)
  • Virtual tour of shops/stores
  • Locate branches (Google Maps; directions to drive/walk)
  • Sales support


Stay Connected To All Touchpoints

Telco operators can benefit greatly through flexibility, faster time-to-market and cost savings with the following features:

  • Site database and inventory
  • Network status visualization on maps
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Customer service


Be on Track With Your Students at Every Milestone

An app made for students, teachers, professors, parents and relevant parties enables the following:

  • Communication among students, teachers and parents
  • Push notifications sent by management to relevant parties about events, current happenings etc
  • Virtual tour of the campus
  • Parents are able make payments of fees via the app and review their child’s progress etc

Theme Parks

Start Your Customer’s Adventure Even Before They Reach The Theme Park

A mobile app can be used as an important tool to engage with customers and they could contain features such as:

  • Locations and directions to attractions within the park
  • Capturing foot traffic
  • Virtual Tour
  • Cashless payment
  • Analytic insights