Lava Labs houses technology enthusiasts who come up with creative ideas and innovative solutions that benefit businesses through vital and current trends in a fundamental way.

Our white label apps, which fall under an umbrella product called Custella, are built with cutting edge technology combined with deep industrial insights and knowledge that has direct relevance to your business essentials.

Custella by Lava Labs features

Unique, full-featured native apps built for multiple platforms

Excellent user experience with customisable user interface

Fully integrated and ready to use apps

Some of the existing white label apps under Custella include

Trip calculator

Loyalty management

Customer portal

Support portal

Ad engine

Content management systems

Fleet management


Maps drawing calculator


Tealbox is a mobile assistant that allows everyone from business professionals to travellers to  stay-home mums who are constantly on-the-go to stay productive by being on top of things. The app takes care of task-planning, scheduling, and even route planning.

Tealbox also enables management and mobile workforce teams to have better visibility of their team’s task and location with real-time updates.

With Tealbox, your day-to-day activities become simpler, quicker, clearer and can be done with little to no capital investment. You can even scale your subscription as your team grows.


ADAERO360, an online multi-assessment tool is designed to detect gaps within a company and solve it, build long term relationships with customers, and provide valuable insight of a company’s assessment over time. This is done through four different types of assessment that covers the major components of any organization or team. Click here to visit ADAERO360.